Landscape Maintenance

Spend more time enjoying your beautiful landscape instead of maintaining it.

All that great landscaping needs constant maintenance. Put that time for enjoying the outdoors back into your schedule with one of our customized maintenance plans.

No more worrying what gets watered when, when did I water last, what mulch to use, how am I going to haul plants, mulch, fertilizers, etcetera etcetera.

We take care of everything. Including picking up yard debris, hand water flowers or potted plants and other great customer services that make for an all around enjoyable experience.

Shrub and hedge maintenance

Our high quality shrub and hedge maintenance programs will have your property looking it’s best all year with the following maintenance.

  • The best manicured shrubs and bushes.
  • Clean, weed free beds.
  • Professional pruning of trees and large bushes.
  • Premium mulching to all flower beds and tree rings.
  • Replace any dead or dying shrubs.

Your time is valuable, spend it with family and friends, not trimming and weeding.
Professional landscape maintenance call 405-202-8551 or email us.