Lawn Aeration

Lawn AerationSpring and fall core aeration
Core aeration is simply one of the best things you can do for your lawn. We use only Ryan lawn aerators which pull more and deeper plugs than other types.

5 benefits to lawn aeration.

  1. Reduces thatch build-up – A heavy thatch layer promotes disease and insects.
  2. Reduces soil compaction – Compacted clay soils inhibit root growth and water penetration.
  3. Stimulates new root growth – Root systems will grow back thicker, stronger, and deeper.
  4. Creates more efficient watering and fertilizing – Water, air, and fertilizer can easily penetrate the soil.
  5. Essential in keeping root systems strong and healthy -A healthy root system creates thicker turf, increases heat and drought tolerance, reduces weed and crabgrass growth, and decreases disease and insect damage.

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